The American Electric Perforators

american perforator

The American Perforator Model 400A is the answer to special heavy duty perforation applications where a date is not required and fixed perforations on one, two, or three 9-character lines can be used. ALL American perforators are electric and heavy-duty.

Perforated Specimen





The Model 400 can be ordered with one, two, or three lines for perforation – with the middle line normally having a changeable date. Standard
“PAID” and “DATE” perforation is readily available.

Model 400A is our affordable alternative to hand perforators, the Model 400A is the answer to special heavy duty applications requiring only a fixed inscription. If the quantity of documents or papers to be perforated is a concern, the 400A is your solution. Model 410 – Our multi-purpose

Model 410 features unlimited applications with its versatile select-a-word line. With each custom-made key the word above the date can easily be changed. Also available with one, two, and three line perforation, its unlimited variety of uses makes the Model 410 a valuable asset for any business with multiple needs for perforation. UNEXCELLED DURABILITY – Our perforators are built to perform and last. 

From the classic design of the cast metal body to the handcrafted matrix rings and hardened steel punches, our perforators have time-tested durability built into each and every unit. Many of our customers have perforators originally purchased decades ago that are still in operation today!