Electric Date Perforating Machine


This machine is supplied with a complete set of figure slides consisting of 18 pieces in its standard version in order to be able to perforate a 6-digit date. These so-called slides are small metal sticks which can very fast and easily be inserted into/res- pectively pulled out of the machine from the front of it.

Both models can contain 2 lines with a max. width of 80 mm each, for example a date and a fixed text above or below it or 2 lines of text.
The standard character heights are 6, 8 or 10 mm.
All perforating machines from our OFFICE series are equipped with an easy-to-exchange block-type-die- unit.
The insertion depth is 42 mm.
Up to 20 sheets of 70 g/m2 paper can be perforated in one operation depending on the number of digits. The insertion height is 2 mm.
The perforation is effected by lateral fastened push-buttons. The main switch is at the rear of the machine.
All OFFICE machines can be supplied with a foot switch or a safety lock.
In case of order please always state where on the forms the impression is required so that it appears legible.

Technical Data 


Type of current 


230 V / 50 cps

special voltage upon request 


Insertion depth 

42 mm 

Weight net / gross 

18 kg / 20.5 kg

Machine dimensions 

15.4 x 29.0 x 31.5 cm 



Packaging dimensions 

39 x 33 x 54 cm