Electric Number Perforating Machine

This machine is also available as date perforating machine with a dot each after day and month (for example 28.01.12)
The machine is equipped with 6 wheels in its standard version, each wheel containing the figures 0 – 9 and blank. By setting the blank space the corresponding position is excluded from perforating.
The character height is 6, 8 or 10 mm (3 x 5 dots).
The perforation is effected by pressing the lateral push button.
In its standard version the machine is equipped with
adjustable side and rear gauges thus the perforation appears constantly at the same position.
The insertion depth is ca. 42 mm from the paper edge to the perforation centre.
In one operation ca. 20 sheets of 70 g paper can be marked with an 8-digit machine

.With a character height of 6 or 8 mm, up to 14 wheels fit into the machine, with a character height of 10 mm up to 12 wheels.
The wheels, which can be moved forwards and backwards, can be set with a removable pin. Due to the small wheel diameter, the setting can be effected only figure by figure.

Special versions
The machine can also be equipped with wheels containing special characters or 10 letters and blank.
A fixed text can be installed above as well as below the wheels.

With placement of order, please advise the perforating position: top or bottom of documents. This is important for the legibility of the perforation..